If you require advice for corporate and commercial matters in the UK and other European jurisdictions, this is provided by our legal partner ebl miller rosenfalck and their international network.  The following is by no means an exhaustive list of all the areas of advice that can be provided, but is intended to provide a guide:

  • Changes to corporate structures; whether your needs are concerned with the simplification of your corporate structure or the development of your structure to accommodate growth, change or tax planning requirements, we can assist.
  • Share transfer agreements; creation and amendment of agreements, if necessary in parallel with shareholder agreements.
  • Stamp duty; advice on payment, relief and exemptions.
  • Reduction of capital; either by special resolution or via s645 of the Companies Act 2006 using a court order.
  • Dissolution of dormant subsidiaries.
  • Amendments to articles of association either to bring them into line with the Companies Act 2006 or to ‘mirror’ changes elsewhere such as with shareholders agreements.
  • Creation of new share classes and/or amendments to existing share classes.
  • Designing and managing share schemes including tax efficient schemes such the EMI, SIP and CSOP’s.
  • Shareholder, Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership agreements; we offer both a pre-incorporation service to ensure full alignment with articles where appropriate and a post incorporation service where there may be wider issues for resolution.
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