How is the UK government helping UK businesses including subsidiaries and branches of EEA companies to import and export goods and services to and from the UK because of Brexit?

The UK government has provided additional funding to support its existing Customs Grant Scheme. Since the 29th July 2020, businesses have been able to apply for funding to cover costs associated with increasing their capacity and their ability to complete customs declarations for the new post Brexit rules applying from January 2021.

Businesses that meet certain criteria can apply for funding for recruitment, employee training and IT, in preparation for additional customs declarations. Eligible businesses include traders and customs intermediaries such as customs brokers, couriers and freight forwarders who make or intend to make customs declarations for their own goods or on behalf of others. 

The main eligibility requirement is that businesses must be currently based in the UK or have had a branch in the UK for at least a year to apply for all parts of the grant.

Any business that wishes to apply for funding can do so online or by using a paper-based application form and more information can be found by clicking on this link:

  • on November 20, 2020