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Important new post-BREXIT procedures for businesses importing and exporting goods to and from the UK

Amongst several procedural changes now impacting businesses due to BREXIT is the need to use an EORI number

How is VAT being affected by BREXIT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax that is charged on the supply of goods and services in the UK with similar taxes applying across the EU. In the UK there is a turnover threshold for VAT of £85,000 where businesses with a turnover over this figure are obliged to register for VAT. Historically, […]

How is the UK government helping UK businesses including subsidiaries and branches of EEA companies to import and export goods and services to and from the UK because of Brexit?

The UK government has provided additional funding to support its existing Customs Grant Scheme. Since the 29th July 2020,

The new post Brexit world – are you trading in the UK, but you don’t have a place of business or a company established in the UK? You might have acquired a UK permanent establishment without intending to do so; what are the implications?

For an overseas company including companies registered in an EEA member state doing business in the UK, there is a risk that it could be

‘Implications for reporting for UK companies that are subsidiaries or branches of overseas incorporated entities’ as a result of Brexit

Although many UK companies are not affected by the UK leaving the EU as far as reporting to Companies House is concerned